Jung Ryeo Won (Chakra) & Sung Yuri (Fin.K.L) discuss the terroristic acts of their antis



Jung Ryeo Won (Chakra) and Sung Yuri (Fin.K.L) went on a vacation to Japan on “Healing Camp“, and during the show they discussed anti-fans being insane.

Terrorist is a strong word, but I’m not sure how else you describe this shit.

Sung Yuri shares, “Wherever we went we would get criticized. Basically, you can see it as any female high school student wearing a school uniform hated us. I thought that female high school students were just people who hated me, so even now if I see someone outside wearing a school uniform I get scared.”

Jung Rye Won chimes in, “Just because we shook hands with a male idol, [anti-]fans stuck knives under an acrylic board so that when we opened it the knives popped out, and we hurt all of our hands. [Another time,] we received a makeup box, but there were traces of it already having been opened. We sniffed it, and it smelled of acetone and vinegar. Back then, that left a huge scar in my young heart.”

If you think about it, we’re not that far away anymore from groups that debuted in the mid-2000s to start dishing on how fucking crazy everything was in their time.

Can’t wait for all dem TVXQ/SNSD/KARA/Big Bang stories to come pouring out.


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