Actress Kim So Yeon being sued for fraud, agency Namoo Actors releases statement


Actress Kim So Yeon and her boyfriend are being sued by five plaintiffs over $900,000 that the quintet invested in the boyfriend’s e-cig business.

The plaintiffs claim, “We invested in this business believing “A’s” words saying that these cigarettes were patented products. But, we found out that they were imported from China.”

“Kim So Yeon also participated in the process of investment and told the investors that ‘this is a trustworthy business’ and led the signing of the contract. She even promoted it on the internet,” they said.

Kim So Yeon’s agency Namoo Actors released a statement denying all charges against her.


Hello. This is Namoo Actors.

This is the official statement regarding actress Kim So Yeon’s lawsuit for fraud.

We clearly state that the plaintiffs’ charges are invalid. Unlike the plaintiffs’ claims, she had no business in dealing with Puff Bar, including financial dealings.

Kim So Yeon had no idea as to why she was getting sued, for she does not know any of the plaintiffs. The only contact she ever had with them is when one of the plaintiffs asked “A” to give the plaintiff’s sister a signature for her nail shop opening, as well as a 10-second conversation with the plaintiff, who said he was a fan of Kim So Yeon and wanted to hear her voice. That is all.

She only did a good deed as a public figure in this situation, met often with similar requests. Kim So Yeon has never done anything to the plaintiffs or anyone to deserve punishment of the law.

This is an attempt by [the plaintiffs] to garner attention for their own cause taking advantage of Kim So Yeon’s publicity. We will not remain quiet with this issue and will respond with strict, legal action, including charges of libel.

Also, after confirming, Puff Bar’s owner ‘A’ is a childhood friend of the actress who coincidentally reunited with her last year through an event. They have been seeing each other ever since but they do not have any business relationships together.

Kim So Yeon has already fulfilled her duty with the police. The reason she did not attend the second investigation is because she does not know the plaintiff, so she had no need to do so.

Furthermore, Kim So Yeon and related parties are afraid of false rumors spreading because of this lawsuit. Please refrain from releasing any articles discussing rumors or unconfirmed facts of this issue.


Noteworthy that they do not bother denying charges against the boyfriend, they just basically say, “Look assholes, he did that shit and Kim So Yeon didn’t have anything to do with this clusterfuck.”

Throw dat dude under the bus, no fuss, no muss. Done.


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