Let’s take a trip back to Tao’s wisdom for us when Kris was leaving EXO


While I’m pretty sure Kris and Luhan left EXO primarily for business/career reasons, I believe if Tao eventually leaves then it’ll actually be because of health-related reasons. Why? Because follow the money … or lack of it. Not only do Korean netizens peg Tao as a traitor, but Chinese netizens hate him too for being disloyal to Kris and Luhan.

And in honor of that reality, let’s take a trip back to those old comments from Tao and see how glorious they are now!


“The road is long, you can go anywhere, no one can make the decision for anyone else. The truth is always hidden from the public. Perhaps the public would side with the minority, even if that’s not the truth. The truth is only known to those that actually experienced it – for example, the 11 members, our company SM, and the staff. But the good and the bad have been switched on the outside. You all cannot know what it feels like to be betrayed, and then after betrayal everyone is siding with the betrayer. You all can have your own opinion and stance, but I just want to say, regarding the truth, we have a clear conscience. If someone wants to leave, we can’t block them, as they tried to escape here and have done so successfully. Kept it as a secret from us and the company, and ended up not coming back. A lot of people have ambition, but hopefully everyone can use it in a good way. While training until we’re sweating like crazy, but then finding out that someone won’t come back, we need to prepare the concert from the beginning with only 11 people, it’s very tiring. EXO, love you~”


“I’m EXO’s member Tao. I sent the messages on Weibo and Instagram. There’s nothing to hide. You cannot extinguish fire with paper – the right will always be right, and the wrong will always be wrong. Some people like to twist the truth, and some people choose to believe the twisted truth. Smart people would never twist the truth or believe in the twisted truth.” However, this post was subsequently deleted.”

So yeah … oops?

If Tao does end up leaving EXO like his dad is saying, then this whole shit gets awful hilarious in a hurry. Either that or the delay in an official statement from Tao is due to the reactions he’s getting in China over this, and he’s realized what a huge mistake this was.

Regardless … uh … even if Tao goes back to EXO after this, it’s gonna be awkward as fuck basically forever.


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