[Review] ‘Make It Pop’ – Sun Hi declared a genius, world ends + the Triads are coming


This week’s installment of torturing Betsy has arrived. How wonderful. Whilst you lounge in the sun by your private pools, I’m trying to decode the inner meanings of ‘Make It Pop‘. In a cave.


Editor’s Note: Jesus fucking Christ, is that a real picture from the series?

Sun Hi, sigh, what can I say about Sun Hi? I just want to sit her down with a notebook and be like, “Hey, let’s look at your life.

Sometimes I think she’s the main character, and sometimes I think there’s an awful lot of lee-way for other characters to take all the shine. So on a serious note, it really does beg the question of why Megan Lee choose this over a pretty okay music career, because her character isn’t very empowering … or anything. I get it, it’s just a children’s TV show, but there’s tons of other shows out there that have at least one Asian in them. Yet she choose this one, where the main role (Sun Hi) character seems like it’s written lazily compared to others on the same show, and adding the very cliche white trash (not even extras, but main characters) dudes to cover the laziness doesn’t make the show refreshing, nor does it help Western entertainment’s reputation for this kinda thing in general.


Anyway, there’s an episode where the school does a test to see what the students’ abilities are and what they could be in the future. I thought this type of stuff was a relic of the past, because when I ask anyone else about doing those tests, they think I’m crazy.

Me? I always got comedian AKA someone with a personality, or nothing, and it always annoyed me. Sun Hi got genius. She’s a fucking genius. Watch out guys, we got a NOBLE* Peace Prize winner on the loose. Where’s your #1 TIME spot now, CL? Nowhere. Watch out Henry, your star-crossed fart-loving lover is on her way. I’m sure she’ll allow you to sniff her knickers.

These are the kind of people I aspire to be like.


Anyway, Caleb continues to mess shit up so badly that he blows up the school’s hall floor because of his sick beats … and just before the school’s homecoming. You know how important homecoming is. It’s the only event that’s ever going to matter to you. Getting married? Fuck that. Having your first child? Nahhh. Getting your degree? Fuck that shit.

Homecoming, where dreams are made and broken.

Editor’s Note: I feel the need to mention how it’s amazing none of these kids on these shows that blow up science rooms doing non-syllabus experiments never get punished for anything, meanwhile if you and your friends are just too loud and HAVING FUN in an OPEN lab in real life, you get kicked out (MOTHERFUCKERS).


Whilst Caleb and his sick beats collide, Corki is obviously going through puberty or something. Her relationship with herself and the band is so push and pull.

Valerie and her gang see that Corki has a massive crush on Chin-twat, and believe it or not, Valerie has a crush on him too. So like classic ‘Mean Girls‘ style, Valerie tries to make Corki into this perfect human being by making her sound like a “Valley Girl” whilst wearing pink — isn’t that anyone’s idea of perfection??? This hinders her thought process about the band, like it would anyone else, because pink makes you a major fucking idiot. That’s like, the rules of feminism.

Oh, and then Chin-nard finds out who the murderous mask girl is and everything is a okay. They’ve overcome one relationship problem before even dating, so of course this means they’ll be happily married with 4 million children.


Even though Caleb got homecoming cancelled, thank god there’s also that empty ice rink. This is where all the action happens. Before the homecoming, Jodi and Valerie have some run-ins about Corki’s dress — what a surprise. Apparently it’s the most incredible and magical dress in the world, and due to Corki’s love for Chin-wart, Valerie needs this shit to be destroyed.

Well, it does get destroyed in a freak thunderstorm, but thank satan, Valerie’s blanket looks exactly like the design of the dress. Valerie saved the day!!!

Lesson learned kids, scheme like a sociopath and bully the people you hate, and everything will work out in the end.

At the homecoming, Chin-butt makes his move, and he almost kisses Jodi. But just before they suck their souls together, CORKI’S FATHER CALLS. GUESS THE FUCK WHAT, HE’S VISITING.

The fucking Triads are coming, bitches. Things are gonna go down, John Woo‘s ‘Hard Boiled‘ style.


I give this a “revisiting my puberty” out of 10.


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