Around The Web: Dating & CFs, i-fan benefits, MFBTY interview, D.O. & Sojin, Luhan


Soompi: Hey, what do you know? Suzy and Lee Min Ho have received no backlash in terms of advertising contracts over going public with their relationship.

KPOPALYPSE: What are the BENEFITS of being a K-pop fan that’s not native to Korea? They’re actually quite significant.


seoulbeats: Oh yeah, seoulbeats scored an interview with MFBTY.


Netizen Buzz: Netizens found “overflowing evidence” that Girl’s Day‘s Sojin and EXO‘s D.O. are indeed dating … Sojin’s friend has an autographed EXO album. Oh, and they’re both wearing a gray sweater.


Koreaboo: People are so fucking pressed about Luhan‘s success after leaving EXO.

How can you even get mad at this level of delusion though? The bitterness that emanates from the comments are wonderful, especially when you 100% know that if Luhan was doing the same shit but was still in EXO, the fandom would make a mural of him using the vaginal secretions from how wet they would be over it.


Koreaboo: For the first time, Korea has indicted a woman on rape charges after she copped to drugging and having sex with a guy. She also faces charges of assault after she attacked him with a hammer and threatened to kill him.

Sounds like a catch.


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