EXILE’s TAKAHIRO and actress Takei Emi allegedly dating; companies deny report


EXILE‘s TAKAHIRO and actress Takei Emi are dating, according to the April 27 issue of ‘FLASH. The article goes on to say that TAKAHIRO vists Takei Emi’s apartment a couple times a week and they published photos of him around her apartment, but not of the alleged couple together.

Supposedly, the couple met on the set of a drama, but the relationship could have complications because Takei Emi’s company reportedly have instructed her to not date until 25.

The two of them last worked together in NTV’s Winter 2014 drama “Senryokugai Sousakan” and reunited at the beginning of this year for the filming of the SP which was shown on 21 April. It was believed that they became closer while on the overseas filming trip to Macau and they were first caught to have gone on a date at a yakiniku restaurant in late February. However, TAKAHIRO was previously romantically linked to former AKB48 member Itano Tomomi and even rumoured to be close to getting married in January this year although this was denied by him later. On the other hand, Takei was said to be told not to date anyone until she turns 25 which is a rule believed to be imposed since she made her debut in 2006.

As if right on cue, both of their agencies denied the rumors and explained that they are just friends.

When asked about the dating rumour, Takei’s agency denied it and said that they are friends. It further explained that TAKAHIRO was at Takei’s place for occasions such as a group steamboat party or to pass her a present. Besides, Takei is staying with her mother so it’s not as if they were alone. However, it admitted that her actions did cause some speculation and worry and claimed that they would not meet up anymore. As for TAKAHIRO, his agency said that they were not dating and denied the rumour.

Me? I don’t care if the rumor is true or not, but all I know is that if it is, then TAKAHIRO is such a goddamn lucky son of a bitch.



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