Yoo Se Yoon, Yoo Sang Moo, Jang Dong Min mocked mentally handicapped, joked about rape


So this whole Infinity Challenge‘ sixth man saga is going extremely well for Jang Dong Min and friends, as it’s now come out that Yoo Se Yoon mocked a mentally handicapped teacher, and he also joked with Jang Dong Min and Yoo Sang Moo about planning rape.

Yoo Sang Moo: I want to find my elementary school teacher.
Jang Dong Min: So you can beat her up?
YSM: I want to find my homeroom teacher from sixth grade. Her name was Kim XX and I graduated from XX elementary school. Her thumb was physically handicapped.”
JDM/YSM: So? What do you want to find her for? To make fun of her?
JDM: Make fun of her after finding her since 30 years?
Yoo Se Yoon: I guess she’ll never be the ‘best’, huh?
JDM: Hahaha
YSM: Nah, she was able to do the thumbs up.
YSY: Aaaghh (imitating noises of the retarded)
YSM: Yah, I said her thumb was handicapped, why are you doing that?
YSY: Aaaaggghh (continues to imitate noises, audience laughs)
YSM: What’re you doing?
YSY: The beeest~ (all laugh)

JDM: If you don’t have a girlfriend, bring a woman you like.
YSM: I like this idea.
JDM: If you bring a woman you like, we’ll make sure that love is born.
YSM: We’ll prepare the drugs that day hahaha.
YSY: We can be like, “let’s have a cup of coffee together” hahahha
JDM: Yeah, we’ll be like, “this is our event” and then handcuff them hahaha.


The trio apparently have some kind of emergency press conference scheduled today where they will apologize for all this.

Looks like it’s finally reached damage control time.



Yeah, they apologized.


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