Boob queen Shinozaki Ai drops debut MV “A-G-A-I-N” and it’s … actually kinda good?


Shinozaki Ai and her boobs have dropped their debut music video with “A-G-A-I-N“, and it’s actually pretty good considering the terrible shit others who have tried this crossover have put out.

I guess I’m not that surprised, considering she sings SNSD‘s songs in Korean better than like half of SNSD do…

…but I guess I wasn’t expecting her to debut with a somewhat mature sound given what other actresses/models/JAV stars-turned-singers have pumped out over the years.

So I can’t believe I’m saying this, but she certainly has a future in music if she wants, which was only reinforced after listening to this teaser:

Seriously though, if she wasn’t born with gigantic boobs and just had her cute face, I’m guessing she probably would’ve gone down this road to begin with because she’s certainly talented enough. It’ll be interesting to see which direction her career goes from here.


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