Random Canadian dude now identifies as ‘Synthetic Korean’, set to release K-pop album


Some random dude from Canada who has reborn himself as Cha Sang Gu is going to be releasing a K-pop album with eight tracks, which will hopefully be released by the end of 2015. This Chad Future killer is having his career enabled by producer Donnie King and poet Sangrim.

In all seriousness, I’m not going to judge the music before it comes out, but here are some choice quotes from a recent interview with him:

One unique artist from Canada who calls himself a “Synthetic Korean”, Cha Sanggu, is hoping to become just that and bring something new to the K-pop scene.


KH: Can you tell us your real name?
CSG: As far as my real name, I’d rather keep it a secret and try to forget him. He’s very boring and doesn’t speak a word of Korean.


One of my favorite K-pop artists is Psy because besides being so talented, he is Cha Sanggu’s father.

Congratulations Korea, because this is apex soft power right here. Japan went through this with weeaboos before, and now there’s dudes who basically want to be reborn as Korean.

What do you even want me to say? Uh … I guess maybe this is another thesis project?

Feel free to check out his site here and listen to a preview of two of his tracks here.



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