JYJ’s Junsu performs on “Space Sympathy” cause EBS doesn’t give a fuck


JYJ‘s Junsu performed on broadcast for the first time in like 500 years for EBS‘s “Space Sympathy“, primarily because EBS has nothing to lose by letting him do it since they couldn’t care less if SM Entertainment doesn’t allow their idols on their shows (go through their channel and you’ll see what I mean).

Cool of them, yes, but also a solid business move, I think.

Hell, if they wait long enough, they could basically have exclusive rights to JYJ performances and like the soon-to-be five million other “exiled” idols. They’re like five years away from announcing their new survival music show, “Blacklist Me Not”, where they pay the legal fees for the winner to fight broadcast networks in court.

Genius. Somebody put me in charge.


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