Tao cries (not out a window) at public event, answers questions but not the one we wanted


In celebration of his birthday and movie ‘You Are My Sunshine‘, EXO‘s (?) Tao invited fans to a theater that he rented out to screen his film.

During the meeting, he cried while addressing his fans, saying, “I will fulfill the promises that I made to all of you. Please give me some time and I will come back and stand before all of you again.


1) Give me some time to recover and I’ll be back with EXO.

2) Give me some time to file this lawsuit and I’ll be back to China.

3) Give me some time to solve world drought problems using my self-generating miracle tears and tear ducts and I’ll be back in EXO and meeting with Chinese fans.

Who knows?

After his weeping, there was a section where he answered fan questions, but not the fucking biggest question about whether he’s leaving EXO or not. So that’s now one cryptic Weibo post and one cryptic public appearance, but I guess we shouldn’t have expected anything more than vagueness.


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