Rain’s dad wants his son and Kim Tae Hee to hurry up and get married


Kim Tae Hee and Rain have been caught up in marriage rumors recently, which both parties have denied, but it’s continued to be a hot topic, so Rain’s dad made a statement of his own and tried to quiet down rumors by saying, “Nah, son, they’re just dating still. Pump the fucking brakes, you star-fucking psychopaths.

Lol, no. The dad basically said he ships them too, and that he hopes they marry soon.

They are not in the stage to talk about marriage. Currently, Rain and Kim Tae Hee are seeing each other well. When the time comes, the two will decide on their marriage. However, we have not had the formal bow between the both families. Although I wish Rain and Kim Tae Hee to marry soon, it’s not something I should decide. If they plan to get married, they will report to various media and press.

Translation: “They’re not getting married yet, but WILL THEY HURRY THE FUCK UP?! I WANT GRANDKIDS!!!”

So basically, he’s every parent ever.

Snark aside, the couple have remarkably been able to keep out of the public limelight, and contrary to the netizen tarot card readers who think that means they’ve broken up, it’s actually probably because they care about the relationship and don’t want to involve crazies.


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