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Washington Post: Feature on Roy Kim and his college life at Georgetown.


Netizen Buzz: Netizen Buzz recently wrote a rant because somebody in Korea wrote a Pann post about her site and Korean netizens trashed her.

It’s a good read and I generally agree with what she’s saying, especially with regards to controlling her own content and doing whatever the fuck she wants with her own site.

That said, there are things I wanted to talk about as well.

I often receive e-mails from Koreans. Not often, all the time. They say things like, do not air our dirty laundry. You are Korean, you have an obligation to present the best image of Korea possible to the rest of the world.

This is not uncommon. Not only through e-mail or Twitter or Facebook, but also (and especially) through comments.

This is why I’m so ban happy with certain users I see here. Nationalists commonly invade comment sections and go around pushing agendas with a deaf ear to anything resembling discussion, so why anybody would want that is beyond me. Also, as Netizen Buzz alludes to in her rant, the common theme of these nationalists is often just to blame other countries and go around trolling in that fashion.

Anyway, so when you see commenters that are borderline nonsensical and delusional while whining about how anti-Korean or anti-Japanese or whatever an article or comment is, just flag them and don’t argue because it’s gonna be a bottomless pit of bullshit nine times out of 10. I’ll just deal with them when I check later.

Nobody is stupid enough to believe that Korea is the only country in the world with these problems. For every idiot who thinks that in the comments, someone else will correct them that it’s an issue that affects every country, society, and culture in the world. God forbid that I try to incite meaningful discussion in a community that happens to be united under the common interest of K-Pop though, right?

I think she’s wrong here.

The assumption that people are as aware or as intelligent as her is faulty. People are dipshits, and the more popular your site is, the more dipshits there are who will migrate there, and it certainly doesn’t balance out in the end. This is especially true for a site like Netizen Buzz, which has minimal moderation.

Also, with time, I’ve realized that your regular reader base is shaped in part by the narrative you’re putting out there as a writer. If you’re unhappy with the narrative going on in the comments, then you can take steps to change it.

Of course, at the end of the day, she just needs to do whatever she wants to do and not bend to outside pressure, but if change is desired by her, then one can always make subtle adjustments for the better.


Netizen Buzz: A Pann is spreading that shows T-ara wasn’t bullying Hwayoung.

Netizen Buzz: Another Pann about T-ara that does the same as the previous.

Basically, the best people can do now is say, “Well you don’t know them, and maybe they were bullying her”. Yeah, true. It’s absolutely possible. It’s also absolutely possible that they’re currently running an international drug ring. Prove me wrong. You can’t, so in the meantime, let rational humans judge based on what facts and evidence we have available and what we now know.


Netizen Buzz: Story about Minho and Suho getting confused about which honorifics to use with each other.


K-POP K-FANS: I love that people love AOA‘s Choa.


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