10-year-old girl writes poem about cannibalizing mom, is the hero Korea needs


A 10-year-old girl has made news in Korea for writing an epic poem about cannibalizing her mom because she doesn’t want to go to the hagwon (cram school).

It’s called, ‘On A Day You Don’t Want To Go To Hagwon‘, and it’s so fucking metal, dude.

When you don’t want to go to hagwon,
like this.

Chew and eat your mom,
Boil and eat her, bake and eat her,
Spoon her eyeballs and eat them,
Pick out all of her teeth.
Tear her hair out,
Turn her into lean meat and eat as soup,
If she sheds tears, lick them up,
Eat her heart last.

So it’s the most painful.

Beautifully captures the pain of the rat race. Goddamn.

People were pissed in Korea, but initially the publication company held firm.

We would not have published this if it had been written by an adult writer for children. Because it’s a book in which young children write their own stories, we printed without modifications. We respected the writer’s intentions and judged that it had to be secured as art. Before we published it, we did say that readers might misunderstand the content in this poem, but the writer, Miss Lee, was very upset about this. We did not apply modifications even a little to any of the work loaded onto this collection of poems and the poems in here are frightening, but we are viewing them as art. Just as how the writing is in the field of the writer, we judged and respected that the drawing was in the field of the artist. Once the book leaves the writer, it’s in the hands of the reader, and we know that we could get criticism from the readers. However, we also believe that people can see this and discover a sad self-portrait of this generation and can reflect on the wrong education of the young children.

Seeing it as a expression of frustration or a critique of the system is exactly how I saw this.

Naturally though, people were even more pissed that the company was backing this little girl ripping at shitty parents and shitty schooling, and the publisher eventually caved.

Despite this statement, the publishing company later posted a letter of apology onto the homepage and blog, stating that they received many complaints and rebukes from people concerned that this book would have a negative influence on the children. Saying they would accommodate such complaints and rebukes, the company has decided to recall all of the books and discard them. The company promised to consider the influence of their books more and publish them with more caution from hereon.

One rep stated, “After the holiday ends on May 6, starting from early in the morning, we will retrieve the collection of poems. The ones posted online will also be taken down as quickly as possible.”

Predictably, international netizens also think she’s a serial killer or insane, and I suppose it’s possible she’s actually mentally disturbed, but I’m more looking forward to this kid’s future as the lead of a death metal band or on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 11‘.

Seriously though, I remember writing some pretty off-the-wall creative writing shit as a kid because that’s what kids do, and look at me, I came out fine…



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