Sunye’s uncle fuels rumor of Sunmi joining Wonder Girls; JYPE issue non-denial


Sunye‘s uncle started one hell of a rumor recently, saying that former Wonder Girls member Sunmi would rejoin the group for a comeback later in 2015, effectively replacing departed member Sohee.


The picture is captioned, “This is Wonder Girls’ Sunmi. In the latter half of this year, Sunmi will be rejoining and making a comeback with the group.

This caused the collapse of the K-pop world or something and needed a response.

For their part, JYP Entertainment responded with a non-denial, saying that nothing has been determined.

JYP Entertainment, on the other hand, has spoken to Bridge Economy that, “There were rumors going around the company about Sunmi rejoining [Wonder Girls], but nothing has been officially determined yet.”

That’s … that’s not a no.


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