Luna hints that f(x) is coming back soon … and they’re bringing Sulli


I forgot to post this news yesterday because I was literally awake for about 32 hours straight, but f(x)‘s Luna heavily implied that the group is coming back soon and with everybody, and that everybody means Sulli as well.


On the video post that Luna uploaded onto her personal Instagram on May 6, she left a comment that reads, “All of f(x) should come out soon, as a complete group bbuang~~><.”

I know people are bitter over the fact that she’s dating an older guy who happens to have a big penis, and that her fansite admin is fucking nuts, but Sulli never seemed to have problems with the other members or the company. So while I was skeptical at first if she wanted out as well, the time off did appear to just be time off, and this “reunion” of the group seems like a reasonable expectation.


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