#OperationOpenWindow: Tao leaves for America to study and to search for new windows


Tao of EXO (?) is my absolute favorite K-pop (?) idol right now, because after leaving behind a trail of cryptic emo messages and flash flood advisories, he has now reportedly ditched Asia altogether and is in America to study and recover.

On May 8, various Chinese media outlets reported that Tao was spotted at an airport in Beijing on May 7, as he got onto a plane headed for Los Angeles, California. The reports stated, “It is said that Tao has gone overseas to the US in order to study abroad as well as to receive treatment [for his injuries]. It is already known amongst EXO fans.”

Chinese media, I know, so I would be skeptical about the report … you know, if he wasn’t stalked to Los Angeles.


Will he go? Will he stay? Doesn’t matter, as he’s doing his best to fulfill my request of dragging out the drama and trolling his own fanbase as much as possible.




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