Yoon Mi Rae & Sony Pictures settle dispute over “Pay Day” usage in ‘The Interview’


Remember that lawsuit that Yoon Mi Rae and Feel Ghood Music filed against Sony Pictures for unauthorized use of “Pay Day” in ‘The Interview‘? Well, it’s just come to an end in the form of a settlement in which Sony Pictures admits wrongdoing.

A Sony Pictures representative stated, “We acknowledge that we used Yoon Mi Rae’s song ‘Pay Day’ before receiving an official license. We want to emphasize that the fact that the track was included [in ‘The Interview’] does not mean that Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, or Feel Ghood Music condones the content [of the film]. Both sides have amicably resolved this matter, so we hope to not have to talk about this issue anymore.

Besides the money involved, based on the statement it seems important to them that they weren’t associated with the movie at all, which is understandable given the political climate in their region and the fact that ‘The Interview’ was a pretty shitty movie that got hyped up due to other crap.


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