E-Sens admits to the 5 billion instances of weed use at recent trial


E-Sens is currently on trial after being arrested and charged with using weed for about the 500th time, and the most recent update is that he admitted to the charges at his first hearing at Seoul Western District Court.

E-Sens is said to have been extremely apologetic during the hearing, so I’m guessing his plan is to cop to all of it and hope for leniency. However, given that this is not his first time, I’m not quite sure the news is gonna be all that great for him.

Like I said previously regarding this issue, I don’t smoke weed but it’s not a big deal to me from a moral standpoint, especially in comparison with other legal drugs. It’s just that, intelligence-wise, if you know the laws are a certain way, to get caught this many times shows a problem or extreme idiocy.

E-Sens and his friends, a re-enactment:


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