MONSTA X’s “Trespass” is unintentionally the music video of the year thus far


MONSTA X made sure to make their debut memorable, as they dropped the music video for “Trespass” and I think it’s probably the music video of the year so far.

Did I like it? No, but I don’t have to like the best music video of the year, I just have to be entertained by it … and I certainly was that.

Now for MONSTA X’s debut to truly come together and work, they all had to buy in, and they did. They went all-out with what I will dub the ‘Taff Cookeh Effect‘, and were trying as hard as possible to be the cool, smooth, swag swag swag idols their company told them to be, and it came complete with the gun set and everything.

All of that sets up this comedy masterpiece of awkwardness and glorious freeze frames.










Fucking thing even had them doing a low-budget version of Assassin’s Creed parkour cosplay … except shittier and in slow motion in what looked like an underground bunker tunnel passage, where it had absolutely zero utility or point whatsoever.

Thank you for letting this exist, Jesus.


Now I know what you’re thinking, “But IATFB, what about 1PUNCH’s glorious disaster?

I feel you, I feel you. But I think that gets docked points because they weren’t the cause of their own hilarity, it was actually the black dude who was everything in that. Thus, in terms of self-immolating ones own concept/debut, I have to give the nod to MONSTA X.


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