Eunjung confirms in interview that she’s decided to troll netz with her existence


After previously acknowledging that T-ara won’t regain their popularity because people are incredible morons, Eunjung also said that the online hate is old news and now she uses it at motivation for her career.

T-ara have reached the point of no fucks given.

When asked what the most hurtful online comment towards her was, she replied, “It’s not a comment that scarred me but I saw this comment that said ‘You’re like a weed.’ Strangely, I accepted that comment. I gave a nod in agreement. Of course it’s not a gorgeous flower but I think it’s true. My situation persistently keeps coming out to the point I think it’s coming out too often. I’m thankful to be called to come to broadcast stations and appear in this [show] or that [show]. Even if I’m called a weed, I want to go to wherever I’m called,” she said as she laughed.

I’ll assume by “laugh” they meant “evil cackle”.

But all in all adopting this attitude can only be a boon for non-delusional fans, because it allows Eunjung and other idols (like Brown Eyed Girls) to talk openly about dating, sex, or whatever else that they absolutely wouldn’t touch under normal circumstances.

Looking forward to it.


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