Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyers release pictures, claim no miscarriage; ex’s lawyers respond


Kim Hyun Joong‘s lawyers have released pictures from a week after an assault took place that allegedly caused his ex to lose her pregnancy.

Through this broadcast, Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney stated, “In the photos taken [with Kim Hyun Joong] at Jeju Island on June 7, just days after May 30 [when she was allegedly assaulted], she has no scars on her face and no bruises on her arms. She claims that she suffered a miscarriage during pregnancy due to abuse, but her records state nothing related to pregnancy nor miscarriage.”

His ex’s lawyers pointed back to the text messages and said to wait for court.

In response to this, Ms. Choi’s side shared, “There are plenty of text messages that were sent back and forth [between Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi] during their relationship. The whole truth will be revealed in court.”

Not really sure what Kim Hyun Joong’s plan is here.

A few things:

1) I’m not sure what these pictures are supposed to prove since we don’t know the validity of the pictures and they don’t even show the areas where the injuries allegedly occurred. Besides, there’s still the medical report, the vault of text messages of him apologizing for hitting her, and then his public apology/MMA training.

2) That said, keep an open mind to the possibility that she COULD be making one part of this specific situation up. I would bet against it based on his past history in this relationship and the text message exchange of him admitting to something happening, but it could’ve been just another physical incident of abuse in which he hit her in the stomach … just that she was not pregnant and did not miscarry. Basically, we still haven’t seen evidence that she was pregnant at that time, and I guess that would be his best-case scenario: that he just hit her and didn’t purposely try to cause a miscarriage. Alrighty.

3) Don’t read the comments section anywhere. Somehow, the possibility that she may have lied about one aspect of this means that Kim Hyun Joong is the victim or something? That he didn’t threaten to kill her and stuff? I dunno what they’re thinking, but that’s the narrative now for god knows what reason.

Either way, this isn’t close to over.


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