I-netizen who once destroyed RaNia’s fandom gets called out by JJCC’s company


An international netizen has been warned with threat of lawsuit by JJCC‘s company to basically back the fuck up off JJCC’s nuts cause it’s getting weird. The netizen is said to be going around spamming hate about a member, harassing other fans, and claiming she keeps in contact with members.

Also, and I’ll get to this later, but this isn’t the first group she’s done this to either. There’s history.

The fan mentioned in the Facebook warning has recently been active on various SNS portals under two different usernames, posting photos of the boy group on her various accounts with member Prince Mak blurred in every shot and also fabricating rumors about his “immature” personality.


The aforementioned fan has also been claiming that members Eddy and Prince Mak have directly communicated with her in the past, comparing the two members’ personalities as one being “good” and the other being “rude”. The fan has even gone around to public fan pages and websites leaving comments of hatred filled with derogatory words such as, “Garbage,” “You can’t sing,” and, “He [Prince Mak] doesn’t give a f*ck anyway.”

Well. That happened.

Crazy enough as it is, right?

But this is only one level of it, really. Many others, including me, recognized the name as the person who was behind RaNian Central, which was supposedly a RaNia international fansite. When I had the time, I was planning on writing a post about all the shit that came through with regards to that situation, but now that this has come up, I figure why not a quick recap?


For starters, here’s a Tumblr with a recap of RaNian Central basically driving a Korean fan photographer out of the fandom by harassing her with personal insults over inconsequential crap (if this sounds like Sulli‘s crazy site admin, you aren’t the only one). It then goes on to detail how she basically invented her association with RaNia’s company, DR Music, despite them saying they had nothing to do with her.

Hell, on the RaNian Central Tumblr itself, we can see one leftover remnant of the glorious crazy. It’s her documenting her own ridiculousness in thinking that a RaNia manager/staffer is the bad guy in the shared exchange for being pissed at her and shutting her out after she leaked RaNia’s comeback song and then proceeded to call it garbage.


Logic! Can’t believe that company was pissed at her for leaking a comeback song!

Never mind that the leak talked about here resulted in INGENIOmedia cutting ties with RaNia and basically ending the group. Just doing favors for RaNia!

Anyway, just as Prince Mak is the target of her hate in JJCC, her target in RaNia was T-ae, and by her own admission it resulted in her getting blocked by T-ae just like Prince Mak blocked her. That’s the point when everything generally hits the fan in this progression/escalation, and so history just repeated itself is all.

for people who might be confused. when i got mad tae blocked me i made multiple posts on ranian central page. some bitch claimed it was because of my attitude that the page losing likes each day. so this question i made over a year ago proves it is not because of my attitude. i show a nice attitude over 90 percent of the time on ranian central when i post on it.


All of this is maybe a bit much to digest, right? Well, funny thing is that it’s not even the half of it, really. Not gonna bother going back through the stuff that was posted on OneHallyu and EntAsia, nor the stuff that was communicated to me when I was in charge of a K-pop site, but it was extensive. Put it this way, she spread pretty elaborate rumors about a RaNia member(s) basically prostituting herself, fought with other fandoms constantly, and generally did as many sasaeng-esque things as you can imagine an international fan doing.

And thus, here we are with Prince Mak and JJCC, same as it ever was.

If it seems like everybody with any public forum has had run-ins with her … it’s because they probably have. And this is probably as close as we’re gonna get to seeing those fansite admin/sasaeng issues in Korea play out internationally.



#TeamSchadenfreude … but with sympathy for JJCC, JJCC’s company, and JJCC’s fandom. You’re in for a bumpy … well … existence, really.

Good luck!


Update 1

Yes, as many have pointed out, the same user was involved in WASSUP and Kiss&Cry drama as well.

Update 2

INGENIOmedia left a comment:


Doesn’t change a whole lot, but it sheds light on how she went about it acquiring the song/demo/whatever.

I say it doesn’t change a whole lot because I don’t think people were blaming the company for RaNia getting stalled, the point was that the leak by the fan and the events that followed led to the RaNia plug getting pulled maybe forever.


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