JAV star Mana Sakura identifies herself as BABYMETAL fan, idol fans freak out hilariously


JAV star Mana Sakura apologized on Twitter a couple days ago after she posted a picture of herself throwing up the BABYMETAL kitsune sign and identifying herself as “Mana-Metal”. But why would that necessitate an apology? Well, because idol fans are nuts.

No, wait, they’re completely reasonable! After all, Mana Sakura is a porn star and therefore is not human or something, and thus she’s not allowed to be a fan of innocent unnirs BABYMETAL. Logic!

Besides the obvious ridiculousness of her having to apologize, in the context of the metal genre, this is the weirdest/most hilarious thing because porn stars and metal go together perfectly well. If anything, fans should welcome this kind of thing, because it shows that their fanbase really is quite diverse.

Also, Mana Sakura is hot and excels at her job, just like BABYMETAL!




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