CL’s “Doctor Pepper” is out, and the backstory hilariously destroys fandom delusions


Doctor Pepper“, featuring CL, OG Maco, Riff Raff, and Diplo, has been released along with a short tidbit about the background of the song to The FADER, and while the whole track doesn’t change my initial impression of the song at all, it does make the fan justifications of everything about it rather hilarious in retrospect.

Alright, so going back to beginning, first fans tried to play off the Dr. Pepper lyrics heard in a short clip as nothing more than a demo that was CLEARLY just CL nonsense rapping as a placeholder for something greater, but then that was shot to shreds when this was announced as a real thing.

So in response, after the teaser image was released, a popular narrative was that Dr. Pepper was in reference to being an ingredient in “lean”

To create Lean, a popular drink originated from Houston Texas, you require the following for the original formula:
-Promethazine w/Codeine VC <- Sizzurp (active ingredient) -Original Sprite Soda <- Mixing ingredient (although different flavors of sprite are now used, such as sprite remix) -Jolly rancher candy <- Flavor additive

…which I guess made the song “edgier” to people or whatever and made the lyrics have meaning (even though Dr. Pepper isn’t commonly used to make lean anyway). Then it was tied in to explain the cover, with fans claiming that the psychedelic image was made to emulate the culture lean rose out of.

Well … maybe find something else now?

“Diplo canceled a session on me, and I was so mad at him. I was drinking a can of Dr. Pepper and wrote the song so I could go home as soon as possible,” CL told The FADER, explaining the song’s glorious nonsense refrain. “Diplo ended up loving it!”


Nah, it’s just about Dr. Pepper the soda, and that’s all there was to it. That’s fine for CL, but the fandom delusion is always fun to watch crumble.

Seriously, look at this shit:


Unless you recognize the creative genius of “Doctor Pepper”, you are just a typical IGNORANT K-pop fan who doesn’t like hip-hop … or not a delusional fan, as it turns out.

Other arguments I’ve seen being thrown around was that if you know anything about modern hip-hop you HAVE to recognize it as a jam or you’re a brainwashed K-pop loving pedo and other delusional shit like that. It’s great.


Anyway, if you like it, sweet. Clearly I didn’t, and it’s rather disappointing like I said, but it’s difficult to write off anything nowadays.

Oh yeah, the other plus is that CL is the best part of this trio. Clearly.


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