KARA’s “Cupid” was good but not as great as I wanted it to be


KARA is back in Korea with “Cupid“, which I desperately wanted to love a lot more than I actually did. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t thoroughly enjoy myself.

After the rejuvenation of KARA in Japan following their jam of a singleSummergic“, I had expected the same from them in Korea with “Cupid”, but it didn’t quite deliver on that same level.

That’s not to say it’s bad though, because the chorus was catchy as hell and that’s a big part of what makes K-pop songs enjoyable. Plus, the “C-U-P-I-D” parts were a nice touch that served as a break of sorts. It’s just that the verses seemed to blend all the members together to sound the same, except for Youngji‘s rapping, which should never happen again. Aside from that, the verses were pleasant enough and the chorus helps compensate for whatever failings the rest of the song has.

Another thing that helps compensate is this:





So yeah, I’m good.


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