[Review] ‘Make It Pop’ – The finale, love interests, and Megan Lee’s relevance


I know you’ve all been waiting for this final review, but I wanted you guys be sitting on the edge of your seats for the masterpiece that is ‘Make It Pop‘.


So I left the last review on Corki’s father arriving, potentially resulting in him going all John Woo style on us. As great as my predictions are, that didn’t happen. Rather, the last two weeks of ‘Make it Pop’ were leading up to one event.

The sub-plots on the way to it were tedious, with love stories between Corki and Jared, and Jodi and Caleb. There was some kissing, but nothing to scream about. Also, some weird as fuck shipping between Corki’s father and the Headmistress happened because money, and also wanting the theatre to become a swimming pool. Because fuck the arts. Let’s be realistic, there’s no jobs in the arts. Life is pain.


Anyway, the last 10 episodes were the same until the 20th episode, when there were a few key moments which I shall share with you.


The group name is XO IQ, and all I wanna know is where’s the EXO hate for that? Seriously. I don’t think they even explain what it means. You can follow their Twitter, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they become a real-life group.

Watch out, KCON!


Sun Hi has a minor love interest called Dylan, and he says shit all. There’s an episode where they’re have to look after eggs for day to see if they’ll be a great parent, because when you’re 11, you’re definitely thinking of raising a child.


Sun Hi’s next love interest is Mr. Stark, the sweg sweg sweg teacher, and a relationship that sounds creepy just by describing it. They’re always fighting about who is better and how to win stardom, which ends up having lots of sexual tension. One of Sun Hi’s vlogs goes slightly viral due to him being in it, and he finally gets his own TV reality show — how meta?

While all this shit is happening, they’re preparing their school’s production of ‘Wizard Of Oz‘. Then in a totally non-cliche fashion, in the second to last episode of the season they all overcome their struggles and differences and pull an all-nighter to make a whole new plot for the musical.

The cliffhanger we talked about at the beginning? Well, it’s the same as when we started. Nick Cannon happens to drop by for the “encore” show, and drops the bomb of wanting them to sign up with him and go on tour with him. Presumably he’ll do as much for them as he did for the Wonder Girls. How meta, again?

BUT THERE’S A PROBLEM! Cannon’s suggestion starts the circle of life anew, and Corki’s Triad father doesn’t like her going on tour and will force her to go to a different school. And that’s pretty much where it leaves us … right back at the beginning.


Here’s Megan Lee doing a vlog:

Here she is doing all the songs:


Finally, in the most important news of 2015:


I wonder how it must feel to have Megan Lee be more relevant in the West than all the K-pop idols? Terrible is how. Terrible.

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