SNSD’s Tiffany no longer getting the anaKHUNda from Dickkhun


Tiffany and Nichkhun have officially broken up after over a year of dating, according to their respective companies. Though that’s the official length of their relationship, given the long-standing rumors about them dating, their relationship could’ve been a lot longer.

A representative of JYP Entertainment explained, “It is true that the two recently broke up. The reason they broke up is a personal matter, so there was no mention of it. Nichkhun is currently in the middle of preparations for 2PM’s comeback.”

A representative of SM Entertainment also shared, “After checking with [Tiffany] herself, it has been confirmed that the two of them broke up.

Normally I wouldn’t care much, but one has to realize that anything which makes delusional shippers and shitty fandumbs happy is the bane of my existence.



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