[Update] f(x)’s Victoria reportedly requests contract termination; SME denies, sets up studio


f(x)‘s Victoria is rumored to have requested termination of her contract with SM Entertainment after a request of hers to have a personal studio like Lay was rejected.

In the evening of May 29th, an entertainment news insider posted on Weibo, “[I] got a reliable piece of information: Victoria has unilaterally brought up contract termination with SM, and will come back to China to set up a personal studio. The reason for the contract termination is Victoria wants to have a personal studio in China, but SM denied the request citing Victoria’s inexperience.”

Sina then asked SME for comment on the spreading rumors, and they said they are in the stages of asking Victoria about it.

As the rumors spread, Chinese media outlet Sina reached out to SM Entertainment’s staff in China for comments. The staff at SM Entertainment expressed that SM’s headquarters is currently confirming it with Victoria. They continued on to say if there’s any updates, SM Entertainment will reveal it in a statement.

As always with rumors like these, remember the source and take it with a grain of salt lest you believe Psy and YoonA were dating or something. The fact that Sina actually asked SME about it is a bit interesting, though I’m thinking a denial will be out sooner than later.



Sohu has reported that SME has refuted the rumors and are in the process of setting up a studio for Victoria like they did for Lay.

As reported by Chinese media outlet Sohu, the agency stated, “First, the rumors surrounding Victoria’s contract termination are groundless. Victoria has never requested a contract termination from the company.”

“As a strategy that helps SM become more localized in China, we have decided to utilize it flexibly. Taking after EXO’s Lay, we will help Victoria set up a personal studio for her activities in China.” The agency continued, “The studio will be part of SM, and there will still be a full contract between SM and Victoria. SM will continue to fully support and facilitate Victoria’s activities in China.”

Move only makes sense.


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