Sooyoung lies and says SNSD have no ‘desire’ for a hit song anymore


A couple weeks ago, Yuri and Sooyoung gave an interview, and recently it was translated for international audiences. There wasn’t a ton of note being said, but one part did standout to me, which is when the journalist talked about how they had a string of hits early in their careers but their most recent songs have sort of been flops. Sooyoung’s response was basically to say that SNSD don’t really care about having popular songs anymore.

Q: After that “Tell Me Your Wish” and “Oh!” were consecutive hits. But with the announcement of “The Boys” or “I Got a Boy”, public opinions were sometimes divided.

Sooyoung: We were trying to explore new markets but I think it was different from the colors of SNSD that were in the minds of the public. We don’t have any desire now to create a popular song like “Gee”. Of course if that happened, we would be perfectly happy, but what we continue to strive for is performance. SNSD’s key advantage as a group is performance and vocal line so we worry a lot over songs that will fulfill both of these areas.


1) Strive for performance, huh?

2) It’s an odd position to take since they don’t make their own music and thus it’s primarily on the composers, producer, and company to make a quality song … and surely they give lots of fucks about having a hit since they give lots of fucks about royalty money.

3) One could alternatively translate this answer as, “People have this innocent image of us and we sold cause we made cute hook songs with girls the public found cute, but now we’re older and we’re all dating and we’re sort of fucked without our gigantic fandom blindly supporting us from our old image days so I’m gonna say we only care about artistry and shit now.” Basically.

Good show, good show.


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