53-year-old ajusshi so mad about ‘Running Man’ cast that he called in a bomb threat


A 53-year-old man was arrested by police after calling in a goddamn bomb threat to SBS because he was watching ‘Running Man‘ and the cast pissed him off.

According to the Cheongju’s Chungbuk National Police, a 53-year old man called SBS and threatened to blow up the building on May 30th, prompting police to investigate.

Known only as Mr. Pyo, he was found to have made the call from his mobile phone at 4:55pm KST. Police found Pyo had been drunk and had been watching an broadcast episode of Running Man at the time of the bomb threat phone call.

You know you’ve goofed when you’re going to even greater lengths to show your displeasure about a variety cast thanInfinity Challenge‘ fans did.


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