The G-Dragon-ing of Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang” ruins everything, as usual


Big Bang have dropped “Bang Bang Bang” and its music video, which seemed to live up to the banger everybody wanted until G-Dragon got a hold of it.

Oh shit, this is what everybody really wanted! Shit sounds upbeat and fun and awe … *Drop Hits* FUCK YOU, G-DRAGON!!!

G-Dragon ruins everything again with his yolosweg shit, which means a bunch of people will circlejerk to this and drink each other’s jizz about it “goin’ so hard tho”. Thing about those types of songs? Any fucking idiot can make/perform them. They all stem from the same base and nobody cares about the “rapping” or “singing” that accompanies it. So best-case scenario? Big Bang made a song literally anybody else in K-pop or the world could make even if you like this type of shit.

Anyway, back to the reality of people with taste, the drop ruins everything and turned what was shaping up to be something like Big Bang’s next national hit into a steaming pile of shit. It’s not even one of things that’s avoidable because “oh it’s only one part of the song” because it’s basically the fucking hook. Also, if you acknowledge that the hook is iffy and thus shift your primary defense of a song to being that, well, at least fans will chant it at their concerts like crazy, then they’re fucked, because fans will chant about eating gigantic logs of their shit if they wanted fans to. I wouldn’t be so shitty about this if the rest of the song was also terrible and not promising. Sucks.

Big Bang and their fandom needs a revolution. They need to overthrow lord G-Dragon. I don’t even know who was behind this song “officially”, but he did it. I know he did it like he did 9/11 and Benghazi. Why did he do it? Because clearly he’s trying to troll Koreans by convincing them this is “genius” music that would win Grammys if it was from America.

Just behead him like Marie Antoinette. Turn the title of “thought leader” over to T.O.P, who would at least make songs about chairs, or Seungri, who would make songs about BDSM. Anything. Do it for everybody.


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