Critical Eye: Koreaboo is emo that Samsung’s CEO is just alive, posts anime to cheer you up


Koreaboo recently ran a translation of The Fact‘s exclusive that the Samsung CEO was not dead like rumors assumed, nor was he even gravely ill. Rather, he was actually just in recovery from his multiple health ailments.

The report stated that despite rumors of his death according to many anonymous sources as well as multiple hidden items, The Fact confirmed that he is actually in recovery and healthy enough to not require the aid of a breathing apparatus or any other external medical equipment.

That’s a news item, right? The guy who runs a company with $530 billion in assets and who basically owns Korea is still alive.

Well not to fucking Koreaboo, who hilariously (to me, at least) yawned “BORING!” and posted a fucking anime video to compensate their readers for their wasted time.


“This news is pretty underwhelming to us at Koreaboo, and it would’ve been a hell of a lot more interesting if the Samsung CEO died or something! Sorry that our clickbait didn’t have the payoff this time, here’s a One Piece fan video!”

Besides the ridiculous hand-waving by a NEWS SITE about the importance of a CEO being alive or dead, when I got to the video, I figured, “Okay, clearly they just wanted to shoehorn in something that gets a video of theirs more clicks in their quest to become as BuzzFeed as possible.” While it was completely unprofessional and tasteless in this type of article, I figured that driving their business forward was still a priority, so it fit the mode.

But no, the video isn’t even theirs, it’s just some random One Piece fan video. So somewhere in Koreaboo headquarters, some writer just figured, “This news is boring to me even though it’s important in Korea and I’m literally tasked to translate this, but it’s just an old dude being alive, so let me link to some random video about One Piece real quick. LMAO!!!111”

This is some shit even I wouldn’t do on this dumbshit blog and they want to be taken seriously as your English leader in K-pop news or something. International K-pop sites will never cease to amaze.


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