Itano Tomomi tries (TRIES) to steal Amuro Namie’s career, fails miserably


Former AKB48 member Itano Tomomi is back with “Gimme Gimme Luv“, her latest attempt at having a solo career.

Look, I get it. Trying to re-invent yourself as a younger Amuro Namie by emulating her almost exactly is not a terrible idea in theory, but one has to execute the concept to a certain extent and this falls predictably short. Hell, I’d be more here for a Fujimoto Miki or Goto Maki or Matsuura Aya comeback than this poor man’s version of a successful idol soloist.

Hell, at least GAM gave us Ayaya and Mikitty being lesbians.

I think I just off-topic’d my own article, but whatever. It’s important stuff.


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