Big Bang get shitfaced on vacation in surprisingly catchy “We Like 2 Party”


Big Bang have released “We Like 2 Party“, which somehow has become my favorite release of their comeback so far and continues to grow on me with time instead of fade.

I would totally understand the position that “We Like 2 Party” is just a fanservice music video of Big Bang going on vacation and that the song is “boring” as a result.

But as somebody who’s not even a fan, I found the music video of them acting crazy and basically being drunk as entertaining as anything else out there. I mean:


As for the song, the chorus sticks with you and the instrumental is just meant for music videos and vibes like this. It really grew on me with multiple listens, and despite enjoying “Loser“, I think this fanservicey track is eventually the one I end up humming along to at 3 AM when I’m looking for food in the fridge.

Not sure what that says about the totality of Big Bang’s comeback after three years, but I do know that I enjoyed the entire “We Like 2 Party” experience immensely despite the fact that the title sounds like something 2 Live Crew would’ve released.


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