Tao ducks association with EXO at his solo event in China as EXO promotes “Love Me Right”


As his group/not his group are in Korea promoting their track “Love Me Right, Tao is in China doing solo promotions for the mobile game ‘Chao Shen Zhan Dui‘ and not giving a shit, basically.

At the event, Tao’s association to EXO was not mentioned, but instead, he was introduced as “popular asian idol” Huang Zitao, his full Chinese name. He also posed for photos and met with fans, who he willingly signed autographs for.

So on top of him not bothering to be involved in EXO‘s repackage, he basically skipped out on that to promote a solo endorsement and did so while not associating himself with EXO and not using his group member name.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

EXO is basically never-ending entertainment and drama. Bless.


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