Luhan & Kris accept mediation while SME rejects it, so the lawsuit pointlessly drags on


After compulsory mediation was announced by the court a while back, it seemed like maybe stuff would be getting somewhere, but SM Entertainment shut that down when they rejected mediation today. Kris and Luhan accepted the mediation, so there’s little doubt (if there ever was) as to who is dragging this out and why they’re doing it.

I suppose nobody should be surprised that SME want to stall this out as long as possible given how long it took to settle the JYJ matter, but I imagine this must be frustrating for SME because they don’t have the power to blacklist Kris and Luhan in China. While SME have gone after the small potato companies that have worked with the duo, they have yet to really hurt Kris or Luhan’s career prospects or their ability to work on bigger projects that are backed by companies that have influence.

With JYJ, I sort of understood where SME was coming from in terms of strategy even if I disagreed morally and thought it was petty, but with Luhan and Kris, I’m not so sure if this is an effective course of action for SME unless they can actually land a big blow against the duo’s currently upwards trending career paths.


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