MBLAQ confirm that “Mirror” is basically a diss track to Lee Joon and Thunder


MBLAQ recently released a comeback track with “Mirror“, their first as a trio after the leave of members Thunder and Lee Joon. It’s a ballad, and not a necessarily impressive one nor the type of ballad that might actually appeal to me, so I figured my interest would end there.

That said, I still feel “Mirror” is an amazing song. Why? Because while it was mediocre if the lyrics were cliche shit about love, members Seungho and G.O confirmed that the lyrics to the song were also about the two members who left.

Using the public for the first time for their sentiments, MBLAQ confirmed that they have used the experience and incorporated it into their lyrics.

Seungho explained that depending on one’s viewpoint, the lyrics can be interpreted differently. The group only wanted to disclose the full details of the discord but as there many good memories, they don’t want it ruined. He ended the statement by saying, “Just let us say, we are cheering for each other.”

As the lyrics of the track goes harsher as the track progressed, G.O explained with an additional comment saying, “We can’t say the lyrics are specifically meant for them but because we don’t have too much experience in love we used our current emotion and situations to turn it into a love story,” and “Also we are better singers than the two. So now we have more parts we feel like we can finally sing. Of course, they were better dancers than us.”

So besides calling them shitty singers, there’s also the actual lyrics they’re talking about.

“I trusted you over all other and maybe that’s why it hurts so much. There wasn’t even a word of apology. I cherished you over everything else and it’s hurts so much I can’t. No. I’m okay without you. I pretend I’m doing well without you. Everyone around asks how you are, I don’t know but you’re probably doing well. You’re so busy and always struggling for tomorrow.”

“I have no time to pay attention to you. Now I take off the filthy clothes and realize what being me really is. Now I begin a bright tomorrow. You need to let things be I hear bad things about me from people around me because of your fake attitude. Well you did leave after telling me a bunch of lies I’m sure you want to come back but now I don’t need you anymore. I guess we drifted apart far enough for you to leave without a word like that.”

Hell, the chorus goes, “In front of the mirror, do you see yourself? Even if you pretend nothing’s wrong, you’ll think about it.


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Even though I like Lee Joon and his rabbit-fucking ass, I gotta give MBLAQ credit because this way is a lot better than beating around the bush like SNSD and EXO are doing. That said, I wonder if they’re about to find out why groups usually do end up beating around the bush with regards to this stuff and don’t publicly refer to former members as “filthy clothes” with a “fake attitude” in songs.


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