Tao sets up his own workshop in China, probably leaves EXO, didn’t bother to tell SME


Tao has setup his own one-man workshop in China, which basically confirms his withdrawal from EXO, and if SM Entertainment is to believed, they just found out themselves.

It has been reported that Tao set up his very own one-man agency, ‘Huang Z.TAO Studio,’ in China on June 11. He plans to continue activities as a solo artist, which ultimately acts as confirmation of his withdrawal from EXO.

On June 12, a representative of SM Entertainment shared, “We have heard the news of Tao’s personal workshop. We are currently in discussion for an ongoing progressive direction.”

We STILL don’t have a goddamn official statement one way or another, but the fact that Tao opened his own workshop and SME was like “Well shit, we just heard about it ourselves.” is probably a sign that Tao doesn’t give a shit how SME feels about anything he’s doing.

Um … #OT9?


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