Heechul did the world a favor by cutting his ajumma hair off

HeechulMopHead (1)

You know by now that I’ve been watchingA Style For You” because it’s hilarious, even when including Heechul — aka mop head aka Hani’s hunting partner aka stay the fuck away from Yerin, yo.

Despite not being a fan, I’ve always prayed for his poor soul to realize that his haircut was a mess. I have nothing against long-haired men as it can look amazing, but this soccer mum crap he sported not only accentuated how damaged his hair is, but it aged him as well. Thankfully, miracles do happen, and apparently he can make some sense style-wise from time to time.

HeechulMopHead (3)

Of course this means that I can no longer joke about it, so I had to pay it a little tribute:


So thanks, mop head, you won’t be forgotten.

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