Dust Off: The Ballad Of The JYP Whisper & How The Company Depends On It


The JYP whisper is something worth remembering, as it was annoying, hilarious, and glorious in stages, and often at the same time. However, rather than just being a signature move of JYP’s, it actually holds far more importance than anybody realizes. Though nobody dares to acknowledge it, the whisper is also directly tied to the success of the company.

The whisper actually has origins earlier than one expects, as JYP himself has traced it back to the g.o.d. days. Thus, it’s only logical to assume that the whisper alone is what powered JYP Entertainment from a spunky upstart to glorious prominence. Then the company took the next step as JYP started using the whisper over and over again on almost all of his new group’s songs during the K-pop golden age…

…and it’s no coincidence that these were the best of times at the company and when JYPE cemented itself as one of the three lions of K-pop.

Eventually, however, people seemed to tire of “J-Y-P” in every song, with everybody from fans to g.o.d. to Wonder Girls to 2PM to critics telling him to scrap the signature whisper that blessed every song.

And so in the end, JYP the maverick — the man who once wore clear plastic pants with a banana hammock man thong — caved to the pressure and stopped the whisper. Sure enough, the blessing soon turned to a curse, and now all people can talk about is whether JYPE is even in the top five K-pop companies anymore. It’s no wonder, really.


You can’t argue with TRU FAX.

We all know what must be done. JYP must apologize to the whisper gods and bring it back from the dead … as it may be the only thing that can revive his company.



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