Pics from Jessica version of “Catch Me If You Can” MV revealed, fandom has meltdown


A SONE recently got their hot little hands on SNSD‘s “Catch Me If You Can” music video … the one with Jessica in it. As a result, SM Entertainment has freaked out and is threatening to sue if the music video gets uploaded, and this has re-ignited the Jessica Vs. OT8 fanwars that just needed the slightest of kindling … and boy are people gloriously losing it again.


First and foremost though, let’s take a look at Jessica in “Catch Me If You Can”:






The only thing that matters here is that she looks hot as fuck. The netizen who acquired this needs to release it to us all just for that reason, because honestly, who cares about hearing that terrible song? Jessica sure as fuck wouldn’t be able to save that sinking ship.


Anyway, while the reveal of those picture was compelling on its own, SNSD’s fandom having blowups right now is the real bonus out of this. Just to give you a taste of what’s going down after it was revealed that Jessica shot the music video for “Catch Me If You Can”, check out these strings of tweets/accusations:









What do I think about all this? I think … I’m not gonna get into analyzing the specifics. People everywhere, including here (ugh), feel like they have to give some kind of hot take on it every time this issue arises. As far as I’m concerned though, we still don’t know a whole lot about their personal relationships nor the relationship the group had with the company, and there is no actual serious issue at play here (when your fave wants to a leave a group is not serious).

As with all conflicts about shit like this, she probably did shit, they probably did shit, and they cut ties. People do this between close friends/family all the time, much less between what essentially amounts to business partners, and nobody — from the people involved to the companies to the “insiders” (still waiting for OT7!!!) — is actually willing to put their nuts on the table with anything other than hearsay, so it’s whatever as far as I’m concerned.


The actual important thing to remember is that supposedly mature adult fans are FREAKING THE FUCK out about this. The “Jessica unnir is perfect and was bullied out” stuff that’s been happening since she left is equally delusional, but the OT8 fandom reaction to this “Catch Me If You Can” leak deserves its own hilarious due.

Still, STILL, people are going around promoting this notion that “SNSD REQUIRES ALL TEH DEVOTION TO HARNESS TEH ENERGY OF SOSHI BOND/POWER OF NINE FOR TEH FANS!!!” shit that I figured had to have died with the breakup or after seeing one of the dozens of videos of them mailing it in (hey, I’d do the same shit). And then you’ve got other people acting like some kind of criminal case is at stake here, and that this entire issue is not just about a bunch of millionaires arguing with each other over money and ego (THAT NEVER HAPPENS, KIDS!). What a glorious intro to life this is, really. SNSD are doing teenagers a favor with this. True heroes.

Does the entertainment ever stop with fandoms? No, the answer is no. And I’m forever thankful.


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