Wonder Girls coming back with 4 members, which includes Sunmi but not Sunye & Sohee


Despite JYP Entertainment‘s recent quasi-denial of a comeback, the Wonder Girls are indeed the next girl group to join the comeback trail, and they’re gonna do it as a four-member group. Unfortunately, not only did I not get my wish for a seven-member mind-blowing reunion, they’re actually going to return short both Sohee and Sunye, while Sunmi rejoins the group, making for a somewhat odd configuration of “current” and “former” members.

People seem pretty split on this lineup, but what I personally care about the most is that Yubin now has something to do, like be super hot.


Anyway, people forget fast, but the Wonder Girls used to pump out national-level songs (when Yenny still looked like Shin Hyun Jun), so there’s always that potential lurking.


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