Playback’s self-titled debut song has somehow managed to win the girl group war


I almost wasn’t gonna bother clicking on Playback‘s self-titled debut music video since I had no idea who they were, but I’m glad I did because after all the hype about the summer girl group war from the big name groups, turns out Playback wanted to take it for themselves.

Yeah, I don’t see too many problems here. The members are generally attractive, the music video is shot well with bright sets, and the song is catchy. By no means does it break new ground or anything like that, but for a group looking to establish themselves, it’s hard to go wrong with a debut that highlights the individual members, comes with a mid-tempo earworm, and effectively showcases their skills. They checked off all the boxes, and now my main problem is trying to find information while searching for “playback”.

But because I am the best, I did find some stuff. Like here’s their members…


…and here’s their Twitter, their Facebook, and their Instagram.

The weirdest part? For complete nugus (I don’t even know what company they’re apart of), they’ve gotten a bunch of celebrities (primarily English speaking) to talk about their song on social media, including SNSD‘s Sooyoung. But I’m not complaining.


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