Comment Of The Day: This K-netizen reads Asian Junkie for sure (real-life ‘Project Luhan’)


Korean tourism is apparently sagging despite millions of thirsty fangirls and fanboys travelling to Korea looking to publicly masturbate to the sight of their oppar or unnir, and one suggestion to boost tourism is to use uninhabited Korean islands and make them adoptable to fanclubs.

This is where Asian Junkie comes in, and, to an extent, KPOPALYPSE and ‘Project Luhan‘.

What a great idea. Let’s throw all the stupid fangirls on those islands and put them in a battle royale. Whoever is the last survivor in the end gets to live with their favorite celebrity for a month. I bet you there will be volunteers.

Did … did you say Battle Royale?


Personally, I would adopt ‘Nichkhun Island’ and use a Batman-esque projector thing to repeat a GIF of him running down a motorist with his car.



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