Babylon’s Engrish made it extremely hard to take “Pray” seriously


A singer I’m not familiar with named Babylon recently released “Pray“, which may or may not have been good. I’m not sure because I couldn’t pay attention after the first few lines or so.

I’m sorry.

I can tolerate a lot in terms of Engrish in Asian music, but the juxtaposition of the concept being so dark and moody and serious … and then him repeatedly belting out “MY PLLLAAAYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE” was just too fucking much for me. I figured MAYBE it would be just the intro, so MAYBE I could just pretend it didn’t happen or something, but he does this basically throughout the whole song.

My god.

At least when it’s like “SHUT YOUR TONGUE”, it’s Super Junior so I wasn’t taking them serious from the start, but this was distractingly amazing unintentional comedy.


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