Let’s give hot takes on SNSD’s “Party”/”Lion Heart”/”You Think” triple MV teaser


As mentioned just a little while ago, SNSD is coming back and are promoting three songs in “Party“, “Lion Heart“, and “You Think“, which are due to start dropping next week. Moments ago, a music video teaser was released for all three songs, and we know what everybody wants is instant rushes to judgments without seeing the final product (HOT TAEKS!!!) because that’s what entertainment is built on.

“Party”: Can SNSD copy A Pink copying SNSD copying J-pop? Seems so. Either way, looks about as fucking boring as all those unless glorious Seohyun gets down to actual beach attire.

“Lion Heart”: This could end up as an earworm summer song or devolve into something completely forgettable. Hoping for the former, but they look way overdressed for this, making me think they’re gonna fuck this up bad. It sounds like this should be the cheery, light summer song with a catchy hook, and SNSD are dressed like they’re headed for the red carpet or some shit.

“You Think”: The comeback likely hinges on this song and whether it ends up as much of a bop as the teaser makes it sound like or if it unfortunately devolves into the mess of noise that has plagued SNSD in the past (“I Got A Boy“) and has also ruined every upbeat 2NE1 track since like … 2011.


Overall, this comeback at least seems a lot more promising than the mediocrity of their last Korean single (or three) and their disaster of a Japanese single. That’s a positive sign, right? Maybe Jessica‘s biggest contribution to SNSD will be motivating them and SM Entertainment to give a fuck again. Worth it.


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