Junsu wins lawsuit versus construction company, savages media/netizens on Twitter


Hey, remember that whole mess with Junsu and the construction company of his hotel suing each other? No? I don’t blame you. But basically what happened is that a construction company for his Toscana Hotel on Jeju Island tried to say Junsu owed them $5 million and he wouldn’t pay. In response to that, Junsu denied everything and planned a countersuit.

At the time, I had said that Junsu looked to have presented the far more organized and rational case.

As far as right or wrong goes, it seems pretty clear that Junsu’s side has presented the far better case. Not only was the reply thorough and detailed regarding how this mess wasn’t their fault, but they also explained how they were the ones getting screwed, providing the only piece of tangible evidence. That goes a long way to credibility, and I’d be pretty surprised if Junsu’s side doesn’t end up winning this.

In the end, it turns out the court ruled that the construction company basically didn’t have any receipts that money actually changed hands.

The court ruled on June 28 that there was a lack of evidence to prove that the money was officially lent to the star. Kim Junsu’s legal representative announced, “There is an IOU that exists between Kim Junsu and the construction company, but there is a another IOU that states that the document is to be used for internal finance, and does not state the actual money owed.” Therefore, Kim Junsu never owed the companies the 5 billion won they claimed he did.

Helps your case when you have signatures form the companies on said IOUs acknowledging that “there is no actual amount that we have loaned from the construction companies”. And why did they have that? Because they were paranoid the companies would try to do exactly what they did, which is smart because a lot of contractors are hot-garbage scammers.

Anyway, Junsu will now sue the construction company back for libel, and I would also be surprised if he loses that case considering how he was dragged through the mud in the media over this.

Speaking of that, Junsu also took to Twitter, where he responded to the negative publicity that was generated about him by the media and netizens over the construction company case.

The few Jeju media outlets that always spread the negative articles about the hotel without even reading them … Why are you all so quiet today? I’m not asking you to be on my side. I’m asking you to be unbiased when you are publishing articles.


Why are you all so quiet today?




You can imagine him writing that tweet with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face while bathing in Dom Pérignon with rose petals and glitter in the tub and getting a blowjob from a 10/10 foreign male model.



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