LADYBABY has a bearded dude in a maid outfit doing kawaii metal in “Nippon Manju” MV


LADYBABY has dropped their debut called “Nippon Manju“, and while their loud sound, kawaii metal concept, and trio configuration all draw similarities with BABYMETAL, there’s one SLIGHT difference.

Not sure if you can see it at first.

I would probably pay for a behind the scenes look at the reactions of people to them filming this.

Either way, I’m somehow sort of digging this, because as ridiculous and gimmicky as the guy is, he does provide that rough, grit, and grime sound that BABYMETAL can’t really emulate since they literally lack balls.



You know, generally speaking, I prefer K-pop to J-pop in their current states, but when it comes to individual acts there’s nothing like Japan.


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