SNSD’s Hyoyeon has a fashion book, which is like Tiffany teaching a dance class


While Jessica’s brand Blanc & Eclare is expanding into denim territory, it seems that SNSD had to cover the fashionista spot, so they got … Hyoyeon. She’s releasing “HyoStyle”, a fashion and beauty book, and I’m guessing the naming was inspired by the creative splurge that is TaeTiSeo.

HyoStyle (1)

Being honest, she’s the last person in the group I’d consider to fill that space because she’s not the flashy type like Tiffany, nor the chic chick like the already mentioned Supreme Horse Overlord. I understand Key getting a show given that the gayness automatically grants him fashion cred, but Hyoyeon seems to be very … underwhelming. That’s especially true if we consider the outfit she chose for the presentation of the book:

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You can see why I’m skeptical: it’s not only that she completely disregarded the fact that this outfit makes her look like she ate Yuri, but she also decided to dismiss her own advice:

If you properly match your accessories, you can appear very feminine, sexy, or emphasize your cute side…


At least Hyoyeon got a show on insiteTV and her fans stopped mumbling that she’s underrated for about five minutes, so there’s that.

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